Zack Ryu, known as the Blader of the Sun, is ready for anything, and will win at all costs. His current bey is Fury Capricorn WA130EWD, one of his strongest and most favorite beys ever. He will fight till they is no tomorrow and never give up!


At the beginning he was very cocky, ignorant, and arrogant. Zack always focuses on the battle and doesn't hesitate when attacking his opponent. He doesn't back down from challenges and has a strong concept of honor as a Blader. He gives his all during a battle and expects other Bladers to do the same.


After defeating fellow Estrella teammate Max in the Semi-Finals, Zack advances to the finals against his second teammate Nate Vazpuez in the BeyBlade World Championships. The first round takes place as a crash battle where Nate underestimates Capricorn"s power costing him the round and granting Zack the win. With this early lead Zack is given a disadvantage in the second round which overall costs him that rounds victory.

In the third match Zack suggests a sleep out only match, hoping to utilize Falcon"s strength. Nate agree's and the two fight for the final round through an absolute victory. Even with Nate overwhelming strength, Zack wins and is named the number 1 blader!


Zack's beys, Fury Capricorn, it has unique features, like its Spin Tracks. Fury Capricorn"s Spin Track, is WA130, only with another wing and two modes, Defense Mode and Boost Mode.

  • Defense Mode: The blades are loose, so when an attack under hits a blade, it will just slide like ED145.
  • Boost Mode: The blades are solid, so when an attack under hits a blade, it will knock the opposing bey(s) away. It also increases the spin speed slowly.

Special MovesEdit

Blitz Falcon T130EWD:

  • Capricorn Destruction Thundurous Slash: A move that makes Capricorn spin in a circle and makes it's 6 blades act like a shield. Then the Capricorn spirit comes out and smashes into the opponent with a turquise circular aura
  • Mystic Wall is Zacks special move where he creates a wall of mystical tags that repel the opponent into a stadium out. Mystic Wall is a strong special move but can be defeated. Nile first uses this move to defeat Nate of Team[1]Fand buster quickly.