Vin Terugami, known as the Blader of the Forest, is ready for anything, and will win at all costs. His current bey is Mercury Tempo 85 F:S. He fight til they is no tomorrow and never give up!


He is a long lost brother,Dan Terugami is his brother.He has a hidden dark power in him.His life is hidden from 2-5 to everyone then only people know him are him and Dan Terugami.His left leg is burned.


Vin's bey is Mercury Tempo 85 R:S it has modes like devil mode.

Devil Mode:Devil mode is when his bey atk and defense become insanely strong and he get to do my hidden specials but the darkness inside him can take over him and his bey.

Infinite Speed Mode:This is when is bey get extremely fast.

Special MovesEdit


Soul Sucking Attacks: soul sucking atacks are when a short period of time my atacks gain a some strength and they absorb your energy and add it to mine.