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Skilled Bladers' logo.

Skilled Bladers is a beyblade team on ROBLOX. It consists of 7 members: blueash7, monkykai361 (Kai Synora), Anoobhater (Nate), Davidstorm754 (Dav Mortarai), comintayer1 (Drake), catking664 (Felix), and the leader, Beygirl (Maria Areogami). Blueash7 is the mechanic. Kai, Nate, and Drake are the subs. Dav is the Advanced Guard. Felix is the 2nd Command.

Our team will stop at nothing until we can win. We have beyspirit. We battle for fun. Our goal is to become the top team and have fun! All of us will be able to stop evil, if there is any. We strive to put an end to the Dark Nebula groups. They're our enemy. Anyone can join. Our closest allie is The Blade Beaters.

  • Motto*

Be strong with your spirit and never give up!

-Maria Areogami

Recent News: Felix has quit Skilled Bladers today (May 6, 2012). Felix has told Maria that he has quit Skilled Bladers because he said "Skilled" means you're being cocky and that he needed to make room for another group anyways. Maria was burning with anger when she heard that. In fact, she got so mad, she unfriended Felix and quit HIS group, The Feline Fighters.

We are seeking a new strong blader to take place on the team. This test will be hard because we need a blader who's strength is equal or greater than Felix since he was the most valuable member. Hurry now!