Sniffablecow is considered one of the strongest bladers on roblox. his  best bey is thermal lacerta, but is practicing with wolf. he has been knownto play pretty much every beyblade game oj roblox, but also loves sword fighting, roleplaying, music, and sports(soccer). He is also in the cast of a new beyblade series Beyblade metal legends.


Sniff is very energetic like his friend hurriedsonic123456. He doesnt like a boring battle and will try to find people who are good. he is also very loyal to his opponents no matter how arrogant they act. sniff is also VERY competitive and doesnt like it when bladers dont want to battle.

Bey skillzEdit

Using his balance type-thermal lacerta, he takes down almost every blader he meets. although imagodnowdie considers himself good and sniffs rival, sniff ignore hiim because sniff considers him foolish. although he honors a blader named lightnigblade because 3/10 times,sniff wins. Also, sniff is one of the attack type riots because he considers them op(overpowered).