Maria Areogami.

Maria Areogami is a blader with beyspirit. She never backs down and is determined to win against her oppo
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Maria's childhood bey, Legend Midnight Bull 125SF.

nents. You may think she is easy to beat considering that she is a girl, but she can be a good challenge. Her current bey is Big Bang Bull F:D, and her childhood bey was Legend Midnight Bull 125SF. She uses Flame Libra at hiccup115's beyblade place. Her team is Skilled Bladers. She is the leader of the team, with the
Skilled Bladers logo

Skilled Bladers' logo.

following members: Felix, Dav, Kai, Nate, and Drake. Felix is the 2nd Command. Dav is the Advanced guard. Kai, Nate, and Drake are Subs. Some of her friends include: Blake Unikai, Kai Synora (mentioned in the team), Nate (mentioned in the team), Danny Mortarai (mentioned in the team), Felix (mentioned in the team), Drake (even though he's cocky and mentioned in the team), and Pika Hayai. Her BeyRank is: Skilled.


It all started when Maria's anonymous father gave her a bey, Legend Midnight Bull 125SF when she was 8 years old. It was known as a rare bey that her father had found in an unknown cave. Bull was known as a burning bey. Maria accepted the bey and ran off in search for bladers to fight on her new journey to become the best. She started off an average blader, but as she grew older, she grew stronger and stronger. When she turned 12, a sudden change happened. During a battle, Midnight Bull had evolved into a Big Bang Bull F:D! After that, she met some powerful bladers that then formed a gang. They are currently in the World Championships facing Team Shadow Flare in the first match.

Special Moves (Midnight Bull)

Horn Blade Smash: Smashes into the opponent's bey using the tiny horn on the Midnight fusion wheel.

Blazing Inferno Strike: A Bull comes out of the bey and strikes with flames.

Meteor Strike: Shoots out of the stadium and flies back down with a giant meteor that crashes onto the opponent.

Special Moves (Big Bang Bull)

Final Inferno Strike: The F:D Drive on Bull changes into Attack Mode and attacks fiercely with great attack power. The Bull also appears.

Fire Tornado: Creates a tornado that blazes with a massive flame.


"Shut up!"

"Let's do this!"

"What the heck?"

Famous Quote

"Just put your past behind you and fight!"

-Maria Areogami