Kyu Nettuno

Kyu Nettuno, Blader of the Seas

Kyu Nettuno, known as the Blader of the Seas, is ready for anything, and will win at all costs. His current bey is Thermal Aquario T130EDS, the bey that was meant for him, and Fury Pisces J145WF, one of his strongest and most favorite beys ever. He fight til they is no tomorrow and never give up!


His hometown, Riverolia, was invaded by the Dark Nebula Organization, which set up "Bey-Police" to catch anyone playign with the metal tops. His father was a wanted man for setting up resistances aroudn the city. One night, however, the Bey-Police foudn where he lived. His family and him ran into the sewers, where his parents were taken, Before his parents were comprehended, though, his father gave him his bey, Fury Pisces, to him. Kyu ran until he found the pipe to the river that ran out of the the city. He sworn revenge on the Dark Nebula and other evil bey organizations.


Kyu's beys, Fury Pisces and Thermal Aquario, both have unique features, liek their Spin Tracks. Thermal Aquario's Spin Track, Trident 130, is like WA130, only with another wing and two modes, Defense Mode and Boost Mode. Basicly, it's a shorter form of BD145 on Hades Kerbecs BD145DS.

  • Defense Mode: The blades are loose, so when an attack under hits a blade, it will just slide like ED145.
  • Boost Mode: The blades are solid, so when an attack under hits a blade, it will knock the opposing bey(s) away. It also increases the spin speed slowly.

Fury Pisces's Spin Track, Jaw 145, is a modified version of W105 and DF145 combined, with more and longer blades, with a higher profile. This combo with WF makes the bey spin wildly around the stadium and gain more Stamina along the way.

Special MovesEdit

Thermal Aquario T130EDS:

  • Arctic Blaze Strike: Aquario's spin increases by 50%, and the Fusion Wheel glows a light blue color. Aquario then goes headon to the opposing bey(s).
  • Fire Whirlpool Smash: Aquario flies off the edge of the stadium and into the air. While falling, Aquario spin rapidly in a spiral, causing a whirlpool-like rotation. The bey soon catches on fire midair, smashing on the opposing bey afterward.
  • Frozen Inferno: Aquario's Spin Track spins rapidly and faster than normal, and makes the air around it so cold that it ignites Aquario is a freezing flame. It then rushes and headon attacks the opposing bey(s) with rapid speed.

Fury Pisces J145WF:

  • Shark Barrage: Pisces stays put, and it's spin increases. It then creates a blood red color on it's Fusion Wheel and under. Then, it moves in a zigzag pattern, creating clones that maje an exact replica of Fury Pisces. The clones then barrage against the opposing bey(s), attacking from every direction.