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Hurriedsonic123456 is the Author of beyblade metal legends. One of his best friends is Sniffablecow


Hurried is very strong and energetic like sniffablecow. He is a blader that will crush most opponents in his way. He doesnt like to have battles that are way too easy and doesnt like weak opponents. He uses Flame Sagittario C145S and will crush any opponent. His special moves:Arrow Claw and Diving Arrow Claw Buster will smash opponents in his way and hurried will not back down. If he loses a battle he gets back up and doesnt stop. He is a very nice blader unless you are a jerk and get him angry. He is a very strong opponent.Edit

Hurrieds beyblade skills-0

Hurrieds beyblade skills-0

hurriedsonic123456 in action

Rivals    Edit

Hurried has a few rivals that are very strong at beyblade. They are 
  1. Heat510 with Poision Serpent
  1. Godzillaman999 with Poision Serpent
  1. Sniffablecow with Thermal Lacerta


  1. Flame1917 with Dark Gasher.