FlameByxis23 (goodgunner1)

Greg Guntren is goodgunner1, on ROBLOX. However, goodgunner1 is hacked and is now FlameByxis23. Greg Guntren uses Flame Byxis or Vulcan Horuseus. He's a confident blader, sometimes a little beeyotch, but is helpful in the heart

Most of Greg Guntren's Blading Friends:

Arc Cascade- infinity777

Blake Unikai- Bladerboy10

Maria Areogami- Beygirl

Kyu Netto- AQWFighter

nifftyrallen- (nifftyrallen2)



There's more :l



"What the hell?"


" Imma let my g** brother on."

" Why does it take 1 second to say hi, and take forever to say goodbye for good?"

" I will win!!"


" A beyblade is a beyblade. Nothing more, nothing less."

" Byxis, Destiny Needle!

" Magnetic... Needle... STORM!"

" :O "

May Greg Guntren's account, goodgunner1, be missed.