David Tategami.

  • David's first bey, Rock Leone 145WB.
  • David's second bey, Fang Leone 130W2D.
  • Leone's beast.
  • Fang Leone in Counter Mode.
  • Fang Leone in Defense Mode.
David Tategami is a very skilled blader. He uses beyspirit to win his battles and will never give up. His current bey is Fang Leone 130W2D. He is a close friend of Maria Areogami, Kai Synora, Billy Otori, and Andrew Otori. He has a nice, but a little cocky kind of personality. He is a Second Command of Team Skilled Bladers which is lead by Maria.


David got his first bey, Rock Leone 145WB from his father, Kyoya Tategami. He then met Maria, and they gained more friends that formed a gang. Rock Leone evolved during a battle consisting of the the gang vs. Ryuga. It then turned into Fang Leone 130W2D.


"Is that all you got?"

"Bring it on!"

"I'm gonna crush you!"

"Let's do this thing!"


Rock Leone 145WB

Fang Leone 130W2D

Bey Stats

Rock Leone- Good at deflecting attacks. Defense type.

Fang Leone- Good at deflecting in Defense Mode. Good at counter-attacking in Counter Mode. Defense type.

Special Moves (Rock & Fang Leone)

King Lion Tearing Blast- Leone unleashes 3 giant tornadoes to send the opponent flying. Leone's beast can appear sometimes.

King Lion Reverse Wind Strike- Leone flips upside-down in mid-air and creates a giant tornado that shoots down onto the stadium and bey. Leone's beast can appear sometimes.

Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance- Leone creates a tornado and is able to move, bringing the tornado with it for a head-on tornado attack.

Lion 100 Fang Fury- Leone's tornado picks up giant boulders and smashes them at the opponent. For use in rocky places only.

King Lion Furious Blast Shot- Leone turns bright green and attacks furiously.