Dan Terugami is a blader with spirit. He loses he tries again he wins he battles again. There his no stopping him.Dan Terugami is a bit cocky , has humor and is a beywiz if you ask him ANYTHING about beyblade you KNOW he has the awnser. He is in the team called Shadow Claw. He was the former sub but he rose up with his new great power. He uses Earth Eagle in the game owned by Hiccup115. His custom bey is Spiral Crow. But is he ready for whats up against him in the tournament find out here!

I edit it so its Dan Terugami and my snake roblox bro omarri92002

Hello im gonna tell you about my Bro hes a Legend in war not beyblade metalfusion

ok me and him are like brothers he comes to my house in fact its me omarri92002 writing this hahahaha but anyways im awsome and a beast at roblox and one day i wanna be rich like telamon/shedletsky but any way buy my decal im a legend its for free thank you 4 people that bought it so far i hope more people buy it please. Mabey one day yll see omarri92002 and RedDylblox me and him might not talk to you if your anoying and me and him dont have a gf! we need one on roblox bc tbc or obc though and my old gf was Silverstream390 and RedDylbloxs Old gf was Shiningstarlette Ok my times up i gotta get back to work on roblox cya my fan lovers bye.