Beyblade: Metal Victors.


David Tategami.

Beyblade: Metal Victors is a book made by Maria Areogami (Beygirl) on ROBLOX. It's posted on the forum. So far, Maria has posted 15 successful chapters of the book. Check it out at:



Kai Synora.

The book's main setting is at the Beyblade World Championships. It starts at Chapter 15 all the way to the final chapter. On to the beginning... It all starts off when Maria Areogami meets a mysterious and powerful blader in battle named David Tategami. It ends up as a tie and they move on to various places and meet new bladers that then form the gang. By Chapter 7, the whole gang has united. They travel to Coma Village and find Gingka, Zeo and some other bladers battling as if it was a party. Zeo runs off to report to HD Academy and the gang trails him there. The gang finds out about the World Championships and qualify. It then leads them into a worldwide tournament that will decide the #1 team... Will they become the best? Or will their defeat lead them back to the city in disappoint? Stay tuned to the chapters and find out soon!

On to the characters and their beys...

On the right

Andrew Otori.


Maria Areogami.


Cly Daki.

are pics of the main protagonists' ROBLOX avatars.

Note: Billy Otori does NOT have a ROBLOX account.

Maria Areogami, bey: Big Bang Bull F:D, David Tategami, bey: Rock Leone 145WB/Fang Leone 130W2D, Kai Synora, bey: Earth Wolf 105WD/Fang Wolf F:D (Psycho Pegasis 105Q was temporary), Blake Unikai, bey: Wind/Spiral Pegasis 100F, Zero Tatemio, bey: Heat Kerbex 125RDF, Andrew Otori, bey: Ray Eagle D125CS/ Scythe Eagle B:D, Billy Otori, bey: Earth Eagle 145WD/Dancing Eagle DF145ES/Storm Leafy T125XF, and Cly Daki, bey: Blitz Eagle 145WD.

Zero Tatemio.


Blake Unikai.